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About School Thota

Come experience the solace and rejuvenation that is School Thota.

With a heritage from 1878, School Thota is a gracious plantation bungalow, nestled in the picturesque locale of Kodagu. With aesthetically beautiful interiors designed in the colonial style equipped with modern facilities and a gracious hospitality, this home offers a memorable holiday experience.

The concept of SchoolThota was conceived by Shrimathi K. Saraswathi Aiyappa and her son K. A. Kushalappa in the year 2014.

School Thota offers a perfect ambience which gifts that pleasant touch of sitting in a bamboo chair, under a bougainvillea tree, sipping lemonade and letting your mind relax. The stay at School Thota reminiscences with a gentle breeze ruffles through. The landscaping around the bungalow is serene and a divine treat for your eyes with a beautiful garden humming with bees and birds. Cuisines are chosen from the traditional home food. The plantation where the fragrance of the orange blossom wafts in the air is a nature lover’s delight. Take a stroll by the river side and pass by a valley where palm fronds are waving, gently beckoning to relax under the shade.

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Coorg home stay

The noble thought of providing good education to boys and girls of Coorg was the primary objective of Rev. G. Richter, the first Principal of Mercara High School which was founded in 1855. The Reverend, in his wisdom and vision, realized that the best way to kindle young minds for education was to provide financial support to needy and deserving students. He was instrumental in persuading the erstwhile British authorities for a grant of land.

Consequently the authorities, considering the general enthusiasm of the residents of Coorg, gifted 317 acres of land in Kannangala and Guyya Village. A coffee plantation started on 150 acres of this land, was aptly named, ‘SCHOOL ESTATE’ or ‘SCHOOL THOTA’. The revenue from the plantation was used to give scholarships & in 1863, the MERCARA HIGH SCHOOL ENDOWMENT EDUCATION FUND was established.

Rev. Richter must be remembered forever for his noble deed. The name ‘School Estate’ continues and the owners are the Kanjithanda and Kelapanda families.

In the same year of 1863, a group of renowned Kodavas with insight, came together and collected a princely sum of Rs. 7,305/- to set up a fund for scholarships to Kodava children. The Fund was named, Kodava Education Endowment Fund. Over the years, a group of eminent leaders of the Kodava Community formed an auxiliary Fund for scholarships to school and college students.




Services Available at School Thota

School Thota is the ideal holiday location for visitors who want to experience the plantation life and Coorgi tradition. For the discerning traveler who values a personalized holiday with a family to care for them. It is also for the environment conscious traveler who wants to support those who farm organically and serve local food. And is suited for travelers who would like to support families running an alternative to large commercially run establishments.


The cuisine is predominantly Coorgi, influenced by the Malabar Coast. The table is supplied with vegetables and fruit grown either on the estate itself or from local farms. Meat, poultry and fish also grace the table. Once in a while, dishes from the old plantation era, pre-independence, etc. finds its way out of the kitchen. Desserts range from fresh fruit, puddings, soufflés, and custards to cakes and local sweets.

Meals are served in the dining room or outdoors, on the lawn. Self-catering facilities are minimal, with access to an electric kettle. We will discuss your meal preferences with you well beforehand.

What To Bring Along

Clothing that is loose fitting and suited to the warm weather and the local sensitivities and etiquette. Sunglasses, sunscreen, and insect repellent would also make sense.

School Thota bungalow is connected by WIFI. The bungalow is backed up by Solar to ensure & backup of electricity in case of failure.

An estate stroll can be taken. Cycles are also available to go around the estate.

To those who are book readers few handpicked books of the family can be shared which are available at School Thota office.

Indoor games like chess / monopoly / cards / darts are available.

Outdoor games: Shuttle cock / fishing facilities can be arranged.

Things to do in Coorg

Please note: All adventure sports can be arranged on request. Prices to be confirmed at the time of booking.


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For booking enquiries,
Please contact → Kushalappa Aiyappa +91 9841023770, +91 9481723770.
Phone: +91 8274298115, +91 827487015


Kumuh is grown in the Western Ghats bio reserve, in School Thota, an estate established as early as 1878. Our coffee beans, pepper, cardamom and honey are as natural as it can get with zero preservatives.

The freshest spices, handpicked no earlier than the last picking season, these produce have our personal guarantee of quality and taste.

The flavors represent the Joie de vivre of the Kodavas.


SCHOOLTHOTA is 3 km from Siddapur and 3 km from Ammathi


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» Mangalore 180 Kms
» Mysore 90 Kms
» Nagarahole 70 Kms
» Madikeri 30 Kms
» Talacauvery 50 Kms
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For booking enquiries, please contact → Kushalappa Aiyappa +91 9841023770
+91 9481723770