A Vintage Get Away

An opportunity to be in a mesmerizing 'Scottish Paradise'.

SCHOOL THOTA, a division of the School Estate, is a Vintage Get Away heritage plantation bungalow homestay in Coorg (Kodagu), which is often called as the Scotland of India, is nestled amid emerald hills that dot the southernmost tip of Karnataka.

Built in 1878, School Estate, a plantation bungalow, with a charming history of its own of the bygone era, it has more than a century of history etched on its walls. This 19th century plantation bungalow, with its ancient German style architecture is currently owned by Mrs. K.A. Saraswathi Aiyappa & Mr. K.A. Kushalappa.

Nestling in the midst of coffee, spices and orchard plantation it takes you on a complete journey where you can explore the estate, experience the bygone era and enjoy the traditional Coorg (Kodavas) culture and cuisine. It's a perfect place for peace and serenity.

Waking up in the morning is a bliss at School Thota, as you take a stroll through the plantation estate, the untouched nature will embrace you to relax, rejuvenate and revive. Surrounded by different trees, blooming of beautiful flowers, chirping of birds, busy bees humming, rippling and bubbling sound of the river brook flowing nearby and the cool breeze from the mountains will leave you in a trance of wilderness.

Driving down the lane, you'll be surprised of the upcountry elegance for a distinctive secret country side escape letting you to leave behind the rigors of the hustle bustle city life.

Plan a holiday to explore experience and enjoy 'A Vintage Get Away Homestay' at School Thota.


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The small rivulet that passes through the plantation reminds you of the famous poem "The Brook" by Alfred Tennyson.

By thirty hills I hurry down,
Or slip between the ridges, 
By twenty Thorpe's, a little town, 
And half a hundred bridges. 
Till last by Philip's farm I flow, 
To join the brimming river, 
For men may come and men may go, 
But I go on forever. 

Your gracious hosts Mrs. K. Saraswathi Aiyappa & Mr. K.A. Kushalppa, the mother and son team can keep you enthralled with loads of stories and anecdotes of the bygone era. In addition, you get to enjoy the delicious, home-cooked Coorgi cuisine in the grand dining room. We highly recommend you to try this authentic cuisine.

Charming history of our bygone era

Coorg (Kodagu) - Located in the lap of the mighty Western Ghats in the state of Karnataka, India, it's a district with unique culture of its own, its bygone era and for its sheer natural beauty.

Without a doubt, this tiny district is one of the most beautiful hill stations in the state of Karnataka that is famous for its coffee plantations, lush greenery, steep hills, rich flora and fauna and breathtaking views. Coorg is the 'Coffee Bowl' of India as it accounts for nearly 40 per cent of the country's total coffee production.

School Estate ®' the plantation nestled amongst the picturesque locale has its own tale to narrate. The German missionary Reverend Christian Georg Richter who came to India in the mid – 19th century was the first Principal of Mercara High School that was founded in 1855. Rev. Richter wanted to provide good education to the children of Coorg. But the biggest obstacle encountered was that not every child could afford to pay the school fees. His vision and dream as to provide a strong financial support to the deserving students coming from less fortunate homes.


To bring his dream come true, he persuaded the erstwhile British Government for a grant of land. His dream and vision came true when the British Government gifted the land in Kannangala and Guyya Village. On this land, a coffee plantation was started and was aptly named School Estate ®.

Together with Kodavas, Rev. Richter acted prudently and had the foresight to make provisions for an independent development of the Central School. This was remembered only recently at the 150th anniversary of Coorg Educational Fund (CEF).

Mr. K.M. Achiaiah & Mrs. Muthamma are the great grandparents whilst Captain K.A. Ponnanna & Mrs. K.P. Kama are grandparents and Mr K.P. Ayiappa & Mrs. K.A. Saraswathi Ayiappa are the parents of Mr. K.A. Kushalappa making him as the fourth (4th) generation of School Estate.

In memory of Rev. Richter, the name 'School Estate ®' continues which is the parent organisation holding the name School Thota. Now School Estate ®. is registered Trademark of Mr. K.A. Kushalappa.

On Sunday, 9th February 2014, Mr. K.A. Kushalappa took this division of School Estate to a next level as School Thota – A Vintage Get Away Homestay by opening its doors to welcome guests. "I was born to this family that is definitely 'a gift to the womb'. My father never taught me great things in life but he always nailed one philosophy in me that makes me humble and kind and it was the 'simple joys of life that made my life pleasant and happy'. I am proud of you my dearest Papa" - He recalls.

If you are one of those, who cherish the dream of spending a few days' in 'A Vintage Get Away' plantation bungalow with exquisite German architecture and experiencing the Kodava warm hospitality, then call us and we'll ensure your visit is worth it and unforgettable.

Come experience the solace and rejuvenation that is School Thota.

Experience warm Kodava hospitality

Meet Your Hosts – Mother and Son duo – Mrs K. Saraswathi Aiyappa & Mr. K.A. Kushalappa.

Come and experience a vintage get away, an invitation to unwind from the lap of nature that sets the deep-rooted ancestral world charm with an everlasting warm hospitality.

As some unknown author said, "A Vacation is like Love – Anticipated with Pleasure, Experienced with Discomfort and Remembered with Nostalgia"

Owned by a family whose history is steeped in the Kodava tradition, the homestay heritage bungalow opens the doors to pamper guests in a homely atmosphere – a feeling of 'A home away from home'.

Your Hosts, Mrs K. Saraswathi Aiyappa, the matriarch of family and her son Mr. K.A. Kushalappa runs the beautiful place. Mrs. K. Saraswathi Aiyappa has been managing the affairs of the plantation and homestay single-handedly since her husband passed away.

In the beginning of 2014, Mr. K.A. Kushalappa left his hustle bustle city life to follow his dream of opening the doors of his beautiful ancestral heritage plantation bungalow as homestay with a vintage get away to guests. Having worked in the various media house for over 20 years, Mr. K.A. Kushalappa brings a wealth of experience in corporate marketing along with a strong client focus and an in-depth knowledge of the sales & marketing industry. He said: "We welcome families who can cherish of a bygone era and truly homely hospitality."

At School Thota (A division of School Estate), the mother and son duo team will narrate fascinating stories and anecdotes of the bygone era. In addition of discovering the family heritage, you will get to enjoy in relishing the delicious home-cooked Kodava cuisine in the Grand dining room. While you relish the scrumptious dishes it will leave your tempted taste buds to an unforgettable experience.

Architectural beauty of the Bungalow

Everyone knows that bungalow houses have a unique history in architecture and this is what you will discover at School Thota (A division of School Estate) – the architectural beauty of the bungalow can be seen in its stunning interiors and exteriors. A wooden staircase, the high wooden ceiling, the brass bedposts that still sparkle, the blue pottery that has been handed down from generations, the furniture and memorabilia that has been there for ages. The ornamental palms, the bougainvillea, the orange blossom, the seasonal flowers, a small pond with lilies all add color to the bungalow.

Lest we forget there is a gazebo, if you want to enjoy a morning or an evening with a freshly brewed cup of coffee or spend time curled up with a good book from our well-stocked library. Next to the gazebo.

There are no televisions in the room but it has been installed in the lounge area. This is to encourage you to enjoy nature, read books or do anything that you wouldn't do otherwise. If you are interested in books, we have a tidy collection in our in-house library too.