Cedar bedroom of the bungalow is quiet and cozy room of the house. The room has a wrought iron century old four poster bed with shining brass posts. The breezy sheer curtains with a classy lace canopy delimit the bed from the rest of the room. It gives a more intimate and private feel, even though the curtains are see-through. There is something magical about lying in bed and looking up at a ceiling of beautiful fabric rather than a plain wall.

On the bedside, you have a striking antique deer antler table lamp that is surely a beautiful conversation piece.

It has a private sitting area where you can read, admire the beauty of the garden or simply daydream. The room compliments the sitting area with similar colors, style, and furnishings that help give a cohesive look.

Bed and Bath Experience

Soft duvet & mattress with soft bed linen

Bath amenities

Services & Amenities

WiFi enabled

Daily housekeeping

Room service

Laundry service