As you go up the winding wooden staircase, the Teak bedroom is on the first floor of the house with a private sit out. Spacious, well done up, the room has wooden ceiling and flooring. Done up in the vintage style of decor, touches of this theme are reflected in every detail of the room, right from the small antique chandeliers that have a mystic charm, to the huge head of the deer with its antler. The four-poster teak bed with the flowing sheers completes the ambiance.

Other artful touches include the beautiful etching art piece on the wall that is one of the highlights of the room. The stunning chandelier in the room softens the space. As you enter it adds a mystic look to the room. The Teak room exudes a colonial charm. The room has a well-decorated sit out and large French windows that open up to the garden. You can relax here with your morning coffee or play indoor games. The room is done up beautifully for the time travelers who want to relax and relive the bygone era.

Bed and Bath Experience

Soft duvet & mattress with soft bed linen

Bath amenities

Services & Amenities

WiFi enabled

Daily housekeeping

Room service

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